Life Tested Me Hard On This Tony Robbins Adventure

It's fucking amazing how life tested me on this Tony Robbins thing!

How bad did I want this?!

In October 2015, out of a boldness act of courage, I bought a Tony Robbins Training (CORE 100) to become a coach and a ticket to UPW and I did that in a time where I was on a sick leave from my 23-year-old job as a high school teacher. I had hit rock bottom (once again) in September 2014.

At the time I had no idea what was going to happen with my life! I knew nothing about what I was going to decide! I knew nothing about how I would make things happen. At that time, I didn’t even know what I wanted! I was still in a place where I only knew what I didn’t want. Well, that’s not quite accurate! I did know something I wanted and THAT I was really certain of, I was so sure of… I wanted to learn from Tony Robbins and to be with him in the same room.

At the time I knew nothing about being a coach and to be honest I wasn’t even thinking about that! I was just so desperate for a way out of the place I was in; I was so desperate for a way out of anger, frustration, fear and sickness that I wanted his help, so I could help myself heal and find a way out to happiness and fulfilment. There had to be another way of living and I felt so deeply within me that he could help me. Since the 1st time I heard his name around March 2015 (and after overcoming the 1st awkward experience of his voice 😉), I had been devouring all the videos I could get my eyes and hands on, religiously doing the exercises he suggested and spending all my days writing everything he was saying. So, how powerful would it be to be in the room with him?

I made a decision! No matter what, I will be in London in that room with Tony Robbins, even if it rains cats and dogs. I had made up mind! That was not open to discussion. Not being there was not an option!

After 18 months waiting for the government to call me, 18 fucking months… that’s about 547 days, 547 opportunities to receive a fucking letter from the government, guess what… I receive a letter telling me that I have to get my ass back to school on the exact same day of my flight to London, to UPW. I heard life shouting at me “how bad do you want this?”! 

Had I not made that determined unquestionable decision in the past, I would have shaken in the presence of that letter. But no! I was so hell yeah determined to be there that all I had to do was find out what my options were, knowing that not going was not an option.

And so I did! I looked for a lawyer to hear what he had to say and guess what:

- Dr., you can’t go to London! You are on a sick leave!

- Oh, I am not asking you if I can or if I can't! We’re not even going there! I will be in that venue for that event in London and that means I will be on that plane on the 6th of April! What are my options?

Once I knew my options, I knew I could buy myself some time! And that’s what I did!

I flew to London for UPW and had the most transformative life changing experience of my whole life, until that moment. (This is a story that deserves its own article. Let’s keep this one about how life tested me on this Tony Robbins thing 😉 )

So, I got home from UPW, finished the certification from the CORE 100 training, hired my own coach, started coaching other people and still on a sick leave, waiting for the government’s final call.

I could feel my soul unsettled! There was a deep craving inside of me! I so wanted to go to Date with Destiny! OMG! I desired it so badly, so deeply! Every time I would see myself there, tears would roll down my face. I was actually dreaming, for the first time since I can remember.

During my morning priming exercise, I would see myself there. I would see myself on the plane, heading there and I would see a Portuguese guy that I met at UPW with me on the plane (funny how this visualisation thing works 😉 I didn’t invite him into my visualisation, but he was there, all the time). Bear with me because this will make sense ;) 

After so many days wanting and desiring and fearing and wanting to overcome fear… I used every strategy I could think of to make myself take action. I would put myself in state; I would make my move; I would imagine the fire and me crossing it and celebrating on the other side of the lane … not working! Then I remembered one exercise I had done once while watching one of his videos and I knew what drove me and so, all I had to do was to have the guts to ask the right question that would freaking shake my ass and my whole being into taking action and fucking buying that ticket to Date with Destiny Florida 2016.

You may be wondering why all that fuss just to buy a ticket? The thing is that I was on the edge to leave my job as a school teacher and with no financial back up plan, because the only savings I had were the exact same amount of the price of the ticket! Remember? I was still buying myself some time and that meant a final call from the government would be home any time.

Guess what? That’s right! I’m doing it! I’m going to ask the question and my mind is freaking out! I play some UPW songs, “oh, you want to quit your job and you’ll be spending your own savings in a ticket to an event?”; I put my body straight, “You must be fucking crazy! You’ll have no money to eat!”; I make my move, “Please someone grab this girl and put her in a hospice!”; I say “YES, YES, YES” and I asked myself the question (sorry about that question, Tony Robbins): If this is his last DWD and he dies, are you ready to live with the regret of not having experienced it?

FUCK HELL NO! Florida here I come!

My whole body is shaking, my hands are sweating cold, my heart is racing like a wild horse, I’m breathing deeply (I am even experiencing it all as I relive it by writing this). Oh no, my credit card limit is only 1000 euros! Have you ever been in a situation where you are finding it so difficult that all you need is for it to be over really fast? Well, that wasn’t going to happen in this situation! How bad do you want this, right?! So, I get on the phone with a lady and I have to find another way to pay! I find out that I can create a digital credit card with the limit amount of, that’s right, you guessed, 4500 euros. Exactly the amount I had and the amount I needed for the ticket!

After sorting that out and paying for the ticket, suddenly there’s something familiar happening on the other side of the line – she is CELEBRATING!!!! She knows!!!! I have crossed the fire!!!! I am on the other side of the lane! I celebrate with her! And as I celebrate my mind is going berserk! I feel my body and my mind totally out of alignment… I am literally blowing up my mind… it’s as if I can see the destruction being caused up there!!!! Two totally different worlds inside the same body!!! That was so freaking awesome fucked up!!!!

So, there I am, hanging up the phone, with a tsunami and an earth quake happening inside of me. Holy shit!!!! I gotta hurry and pick my kid from school! I can barely walk because my legs don’t respond and I have to force myself to run!

I get into the car, put the keys on, turn on the gear, get ready to leave the parking space and there’s a song playing in a cd and the first words I hear are:

It's your day believe it
It's your date with destiny
It's too late to leave it
After all it's your
it's your party
Call it luck, call it faith…
(“Catch”, by Kosheen)

Right there, I let my body fall over the wheel as if I were falling on my knees and I start to cry! I look up to the sky and I shout: “I get it! I get it! Thank you! Thank you!” as tears keep washing my face in a state of gratitude and humbleness.

The next morning, I wake up with this GINORMOUS BOLDNESS HANGOVER! Have you ever had one of those? My body felt as if it had been hit by a truck and I was so confused that it felt like I had had a dream! Now, I had to tell hubby that I wouldn’t be there for his birthday and that I was actually going to be flying on that day heading Florida for a Date with Destiny!

And you know, when we are aligned with what is meant to be, the universe really provides! One week later, I had already created that money in my bank account by making my first paying clients.

Now, how bad do you want this?! You can’t make this shit up! The final letter from the government? YEP! You guessed it right! It arrived exactly on the same day of my flight to Florida, 7th Dec 2016. (of course I only found out when I arrived on the 16th).

I guess school and Tony Robbins don’t match! 😉 Yep, I quit my job! I guess I burned the fucking boats, like Tony Robbins says 😉


By the way… remember the guy I met at UPW and that kept showing up uninvited in my visualisation? YEAH, that one! Guess what…

We flew on the same flight from London on the way there and on the way back!😉


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