People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.
— Maya Angelou

Alka Mattoo - USA
Alka is a total badass designer with an amazing talent and with an even more awesome project in this world. She is the genius behind Orvana London



Sinéad Moffat - USA

Sinéad is this amazing beam of light. She is a torch holder in this world - a healer, a coach, an intuitive woman and a powerhouse woman who feels the fear but does it anyway. There's no way you have a conversation with her without feeling inspired and pumped up to rock your world. 


"Teresa's coaching was incredibly powerful. Both thoughtful and patient, she helped me break down problems that I was currently facing into manageable pieces, but more importantly made me truly understand them. As a result I was able to come away from our session knowing what next steps I needed to take to work through them. And best of all - she genuinely cares about the people she works with! The emotions were so open & in full flow of trust. She is a bold, passionate and deep woman.
Teresa really helped me straighten out a lot of what was working and what was being neglected. She also helped me make sense of my desire, my habits and goals. I can honestly say that the schedule that I am now working to feels healthier, balanced and productive. Thanks so much Teresa." - Jeanette F., UK


"Teresa is super amazing as a coach and she doesn’t bullshit ;) She is also very caring and loving. It was a privilege to be guided by her! After every session I left with something totally unexpected. Something I didn't know I needed or wanted in the first place. It was quite fascinating. She really helped me get my priorities straight! And more importantly, to implement and stick to them - to do something about it !! After my coaching with Teresa I have managed to structure my lifestyle a lot better, having more consistency and a circadian rhythm. I am more certain of what I want in life and what I should be spending my time doing. I overcame one of my biggest blocks and felt more free than ever before. I even had my best romantic relationship so far during coaching with Teresa, and I'm certain it wouldn't have been nearly as healing if it wasn't for the coaching.
I would recommend it to anyone who wants to take their life to the next level. " Sebastian T., Sweden


"Teresa's passion and energy will rock your world! Her honest and authentic approach will help you to get clear on where you are, where you want to be and give you clear actions to take that challenge you and move you in the direction of your dreams.
I highly recommend her." - Daniel Morgan, UK


After a Group Coaching Program on Self-Love these amazing and courageous women surprised me with this video.


"Right after the free coaching session Teresa offered me, I knew without any doubt or hesitation that I wanted to work with her. During the time we worked together, she helped me realize a lot of things about myself which I couldn't see before and she also helped me uncover and overcome some of the biggest limiting beliefs I had. She challenged me in many different ways and stepping up to achieve those challenges made me take my life to a whole new level. It was an amazing experience for me!
Now I feel like this is a new beginning for me. I feel stronger than ever and so much more confident. Now I take full responsibility for my thoughts, actions, feelings and results! I am so empowered by her coaching that I just know that I will find a way to achieve my dreams and goals. I feel an unbelievable desire, passion and purpose in my life now! Teresa is a very honest and straight forward woman. She is also very kind and has a giving spirit. She was always there for me! I love her passion and the fact that she puts everything into her coaching.
If you ever consider working with Teresa you must know that you will always have in her someone who is more than 100% committed in helping you feel fully alive and certain that the best of your life is just around the corner! Teresa is just amazing! Thank you Teresa!" - Martin Ivanov, Bulgaria

"I signed up to work with Teresa in her Group Coaching for Women because I was struggling in self-love. I trusted working with her because of her powerful, strong, and confident impression. After the whole 5 week Power of Self-Love Program I can tell you Teresa is one of the most real and authentic people I have ever met. Teresa is so, so passionate, intuitive, vulnerable, and lovable. Yet, at the same time, she holds you accountable, and makes you work to find your truth.
During our program, one thing I enjoyed about Teresa was her ability to reach all of the women in our group! We had ladies from the USA, Portugal, Finland and the UK. This fantastic group of women are now a family! The way she was able to relate to all of us at the same time was so over the top amazing. Teresa's greatest quality is her genuine love that comes from her heart! When you meet Teresa you will understand what I mean when I speak of love - you will just feel it!
After this program, now I trust myself more, I let go easier of the things that don’t serve me. I am more open and I allow myself to feel a great spectrum of emotions. I can just be me! I lost “me” many years ago, and now I am back and filled with confidence. That’s so empowering and life altering for the good. I am now cultivating healthier relationships and more positive perspective on life! With this Power of Self-Love Program I finally realized I am somebody! I believe in myself and I feel so much more empowered as a woman.
I have no doubt that this program will be the most incredible and empowering journey of your life!!" - Cathie Z., Florida

"I've been blessed to have had coaching sessions from some incredible talents over the past few years but with Teresa it has been another level. I came into the session with Teresa wanting some external perspective on my life and business.
Our energy connected almost immediately and I was very comfortable discussing all topics with Teresa. She has a tremendous personality and her skills in unlocking my limiting beliefs are numerous. She is humble and super passionate.
In just a couple of short hours I got superb value and I now have a clear focus on spending time on the things that matter.
All I will say is no matter who you are you need some of her Portuguese FIRE in your soul. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services." Ben Colley, UK

“I wasn't sure what to expect going into the coaching and I must say without a doubt that the experience was leaps and bounds above anything I have ever experienced. I have tried coaching several times in the past with very little visible results to show and certainly no major realizations.
Teresa is extremely intuitive and was able to pull on threads of my soul that have been tamped down and suppressed for many years. Being a man, it's not always easy to get in touch with my emotions. I saw and felt things I didn't even know were there.
Right after the first session I was energized to know that life can quickly change and without years of psycho analysis or medication. I've seen Tony Robbins help people change their tone and move into new lives instantly. I've often wondered if it was real, could a person really change as quickly as I saw it? I now know with certainty that it can be done.
If you are thinking about Life Coaching, I highly recommend Teresa. I have no doubt that you will instantly feel the same connection as I had. To say this will be one of the most beneficial things you will ever do is an understatement.” - Michael B., California

"Teresa has the gift to get to the heart of a person's struggle and bring it up for healing in a gentle way. But don't let that fool you. She is also intense and passionate about bringing change for her clients. I was awed by her grace and ability to deliver exactly what I needed. We danced with fear! Thank you Teresa for bringing your gifts to my world."- Taylor Tagg, Tennessee

"I decided to join the Power of Self Love online program, in hope of improving the way I looked at myself and the way I felt in general.
Before this group coaching with Teresa, I was lacking in self-confidence; I used to worry about others opinions of me; I would sometimes avoid trying new things for fear of failure... I was aware of my behaviour in some ways, but I didn't know why firstly I was so down on myself and secondly how I could change this negative and unproductive behaviour.
Having been on this group coaching program I now feel a million miles away from all that negativity I was bringing on myself! It has been life changing in the sense that I feel so much happier, content with myself, because of this my confidence has increased massively and I am now strong enough to have made some real life changing decisions for myself and my family.
Some of the techniques and practices Teresa introduced and taught us in the group are now very much part of my daily routine, so that I will continue to grow in my journey of self-improvement. Although the program has been over for some time now, I am still reaping the benefits!
Teresa was an AWESOME teacher, kind, inspiring, motivational, emphatic and straight talking. She suggested rather than dogmatized and inspired me with the wish to teach myself! Teresa asked lots of challenging questions and allowed me the time to come up with the answers.
I would certainly recommend this course to anyone looking to grow and better themselves. Teresa was quite simply the most wonderful guide/mentor/friend for this enlightening part of my journey. Thank you x" - Lisa Cox, UK

"Coaching with Teresa was exactly the push I needed to come out of my comfort zone and embrace the compassion I have for helping people.
I have lived in fear of speaking up and using my voice to empower others for a long time and I finally feel free of that block I held onto for so long. I feel motivated and ready to use my voice for good and to follow the things I feel drawn to even if feels scary.
Our coaching session was such a gift to me to be able to dig deep inside myself and understand where my fear was coming from and how to release it and grow from it. She helped me figure out exactly what I needed to know and really hit the areas that needed healing.
I am so grateful for this and for how comfortable I felt with Teresa during our session. She is a very radiant and inspiring woman. It was a beautiful experience and I know I will continue growing from this. Thank you Teresa" - Aisling C., Florida

"Thank you so much for our powerful conversations. I really loved your energy and the place you are coming from. A place of love, openness, interest, no judgment. You are an active listener and you understand fast what the person on the other end needs. You helped me to get more clarity, certainty and create an action plan to proceed reaching my goals. You are amazing at asking the right questions and to call on the BS I tell myself.
Thank you with all my heart for being so passionate, persistent loving and caring." -Christine Schlonski, Germany

"I decided to join this group coaching program for women about Self-Love because I was living a very bad moment in my life. I felt something was wrong with me because it seemed as if I only attracted bad relationships. I wondered where and what I did wrong. Was it my mistake? What was happening in my life? I felt deeply down. Suddenly this program came across and I instantly subscribed it.
Well, I can only say that this group coaching changed my life completely. I started to believe in me and in my potential and capacities. I found things inside me I didn't know I had. I became more powerful and more independent. It was the beginning of a new step towards knowing me and to improve my life. I found a new 'me'.
Teresa is simply an inspiration. She gives us power to move on and to believe in ourselves. She puts love in everything she does. She is friendly and funny.
I deeply recommended this experience to other women because they will have the chance to discover a new and mysterious world inside them." - Elisa Silva, Portugal

"I joined Teresa in her group coaching program for women - the Power of Self-Love - to learn how to increase my self-esteem. In that group, I found so much more than that. With that program I learned how to listen to my needs and to take care of them; how to support and nurture myself. But I also found companionship, inspiration, acceptance, courage, vulnerability, authenticity.
Teresa is a courageous, strong and energetic coach capable of guiding and support you in this intense and lovely journey of self-discovery. In this group I found love, support, inspiration and fun which made this program an outstanding experience.
I highly recommend it!" - Sofia Esménio, Portugal

"With Teresa’s coaching I was able to experience a 'soul' connection with my vision.
This experience left me with an inner feeling of that vision being part of 'me' not something that was 'out there' somewhere.
Teresa is able to connect with the feminine in a way that is easy and powerful all at the same time. She is intuitive and understanding and exudes empowering empathy. She is also enthusiastic, very insightful and resourceful.
Teresa has a structure within her coaching that gives safety and space to express who you truly are when before the session you might not even have known who that was.
She also provides practical and individual appropriate tools that support the discoveries, realisations and deep learning you will experience during the session with her.
Do not hesitate! She will touch your soul and leave you on your true path!" - Catherine E., Australia