Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure...
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, handsome, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?
— Marianne Williamson



My whole life I struggled with self-confidence issues!

Since I remember existing, I have always been a people pleaser and not speaking up for myself.

I have always been what others wanted me to be! I have always allowed way too many things to happen which I didn’t want to! I have always stayed low, played small and avoided conflicts at the cost of my own happiness, my own safety and my own integrity! The simple idea of not pleasing someone,  imagining they would think I was a bad person or that they would get upset with me, that I would have to deal with their frustration, that they wouldn't love me… that was simply way too much for me to handle!

This lack of self-confidence and self-esteem went way further than I could have wished for. I mean … way way further! And as a result, I became so damn angry, so damn frustrated and so damn resentful that I started to believe I was an evil, unlovable and unworthy person.

The pain of being someone else other than what my soul and spirit craved for, became too hard for me to bear, too hard for me to handle it inside. And so there came a day that it had to stop! It simply had to STOP! And THAT was the day my life-changed!!!

So... I know about SELF-LOVE and SELF-ESTEEM! I know what the lack of it does to our souls!  I KNOW about finding Self-Love and Self-Esteem!

I know about SELF-CONFIDENCE and how the lack of it makes us settle for so little! I KNOW about Self-Confidence and how to build it! 

I have walked the talk! I AM walking the talk!

I have worked my ass off on the way to every single small victory I have conquered so far! Actually, I’m STILL working on that and I am still conquering my way up to the highest brightest shiniest and most authentic version of myself! I

And now it’s time for me to give my contribution to the world by serving other women, empowering them and sharing contents and strategies that will help them build up their SELF-CONFIDENCE and SELF-LOVE and allow them to live much happier, more authentic and fulfilling lives.

It’s time for me to step up and help other women become inspiring models to the world... to their kids... and remind them what self-love is about so that they too can speak up and stand up for themselves and know that they are worthy of respect, worthy of love and worthy of dignity!

!!!!! We are all so f***ing worthy!!!!

After more than 200 hours of powerful coaching conversations with hundreds of women spread around the world, I realised that most of them face the same big challenge in their lives – COURAGE to love themselves, to take action on their dreams, to speak their truth, to be authentic and to stop people pleasing out of fear of not being loved and/or being judged.

These groups are so so special that I only create them for a very small group of women -  only 10 women can join this transformational and life-changing experience and healing journey. 

These Women Group Coaching Programs are specially tailored for the women who join the group and they are always very very private!

LOOK WHAT OTHER WOMEN are saying about their experience with this group coaching !


"I signed up to work with Teresa in her Group Coaching for Women because I was struggling in self-love. I trusted working with her because of her powerful, strong, and confident impression. After the whole 5 week Power of Self-Love Program I can tell you Teresa is one of the most real and authentic people I have ever met. Teresa is so, so passionate, intuitive, vulnerable, and lovable. Yet, at the same time, she holds you accountable, and makes you work to find your truth.
During our program, one thing I enjoyed about Teresa was her ability to reach all of the women in our group! We had ladies from the USA, Portugal, Finland and the UK. This fantastic group of women are now a family! The way she was able to relate to all of us at the same time was so over the top amazing. Teresa's greatest quality is her genuine love that comes from her heart! When you meet Teresa you will understand what I mean when I speak of love - you will just feel it!
After this program, now I trust myself more, I let go easier of the things that don’t serve me. I am more open and I allow myself to feel a great spectrum of emotions. I can just be me! I lost “me” many years ago, and now I am back and filled with confidence. That’s so empowering and life altering for the good. I am now cultivating healthier relationships and more positive perspective on life! With this Power of Self-Love Program I finally realized I am somebody! I believe in myself and I feel so much more empowered as a woman.
I have no doubt that this program will be the most incredible and empowering journey of your life!!" - Cathie Z., Florida

"I decided to join this group coaching program for women about Self-Love because I was living a very bad moment in my life. I felt something was wrong with me because it seemed as if I only attracted bad relationships. I wondered where and what I did wrong. Was it my mistake? What was happening in my life? I felt deeply down. Suddenly this program came across and I instantly subscribed it.
Well, I can only say that this group coaching changed my life completely. I started to believe in me and in my potential and capacities. I found things inside me I didn't know I had. I became more powerful and more independent. It was the beginning of a new step towards knowing me and to improve my life. I found a new 'me'.
Teresa is simply an inspiration. She gives us power to move on and to believe in ourselves. She puts love in everything she does. She is friendly and funny.
I deeply recommended this experience to other women because they will have the chance to discover a new and mysterious world inside them." - Elisa Silva,  Portugal

"I decided to join the Power of Self Love online program, in hope of improving the way I looked at myself and the way I felt in general.
Before this group coaching with Teresa, I was lacking in self-confidence; I used to worry about others opinions of me; I would sometimes avoid trying new things for fear of failure... I was aware of my behaviour in some ways, but I didn't know why firstly I was so down on myself and secondly how I could change this negative and unproductive behaviour.
Having been on this group coaching program I now feel a million miles away from all that negativity I was bringing on myself! It has been life changing in the sense that I feel so much happier, content with myself, because of this my confidence has increased massively and I am now strong enough to have made some real life changing decisions for myself and my family.
Some of the techniques and practices Teresa introduced and taught us in the group are now very much part of my daily routine, so that I will continue to grow in my journey of self-improvement. Although the program has been over for some time now, I am still reaping the benefits!
Teresa was an AWESOME teacher, kind, inspiring, motivational, emphatic and straight talking. She suggested rather than dogmatized and inspired me with the wish to teach myself! Teresa asked lots of challenging questions and allowed me the time to come up with the answers.
I would certainly recommend this course to anyone looking to grow and better themselves. Teresa was quite simply the most wonderful guide/mentor/friend for this enlightening part of my journey.  Thank you x"
Lisa Cox, UK



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"I joined Teresa in her group coaching program for women - the Power of Self-Love - to learn how to increase my self-esteem. In that group, I found so much more than that. With that program I learned how to listen to my needs and to take care of them; how to support and nurture myself. But I also found companionship, inspiration, acceptance, courage, vulnerability, authenticity.  
Teresa is a courageous, strong and energetic coach capable of guiding and support you in this intense and lovely journey of self-discovery. In this group I found love, support, inspiration and fun which made this program an outstanding experience.
I highly recommend it!" - Sofia Esménio, Portugal

"I decided to join this group coaching program The Power of Self-Love, because I felt I didn’t like me, I didn’t love myself. I didn’t know how to do it. I only knew that I would never be able to evolve in my life and I would never be happy unless I knew how to love and respect myself.
This program gave so many useful, efficient and yet simple tools which helped me greatly and that will stay with me forever. This experience was eye-opening and at the same time the reminding of other things I already knew about but I had never given myself the trouble to think about them. It was a deep journey to our deepest inner world! This group coaching made me feel that I was not alone in this journey and that there was understanding, support and sharing on the other side of the screen.
Teresa is a very charismatic woman, with a very strong personality and yet sensible, caring and tender-hearted. She is very intense and straight forward. She will tell you the truth that may be hard to hear but that you need to hear.
I absolutely recommend this group coaching experience to all women, without exceptions. All women should join in this program. It’s life changing!" -
Constança N. , Portugal

"I decided to join this group coaching program The Power of Self-Love because I felt a huge need of self-affirmation, of being able to speak my truth without feeling bad or guilty. I needed to finally accept myself and not worry so much about what others might think of me.
Before this experience I had very low self-esteem and I felt trapped, not knowing how to take myself out of that situation. I allowed everybody to have power over me. It was horrible. I felt so bad about it that later I would feel either depressed or angry.
This program helped a lot to lose my fear of being myself and to reclaim my power back to me. Now I know what to do to elevate myself and be happier. The biggest breakthrough was when we discussed rejection and I immediately felt myself free. I feel stronger, more confident than ever and calmer when exploring my own will and the things that I want to do.
Teresa talked about the different subjects like no one else. She is very giving and really committed in providing you lots of value. She wants to make sure that you are getting all the value and the results from the experience. She is a true friend and I love that." - 
Carla dos Santos, Portugal


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