Dear Light Warrior,


Today I want to take a moment to tell you THANK YOU!


In this wild adventure of walking this path of Self Discovery, I can only feel deeply humble and grateful for YOU, dear Light Warrior.

As you DARE to walk into the unknown, as you are BOLD to brave the wilderness, I am right behind you. I know the path is unique to each and every one of us, but as you WALK AHEAD, I f*cking thank you so much because you give me COURAGE and STRENGTH to continue.

Damn! You INSPIRE me so much!

What a path this is! It’s a way into the heart. It’s walking into the uncertainty. It’s freaking out with FEAR and then be BRAVE to go back and sit with it. It’s daring to think the unthinkable and having the courage to BE the embodiment of LOVE and FREEDOM.

My dear Light Warrior, please DON’T HOLD YOURSELF BACK!

I want you to know that every word you say… every poem you write… every video you make… every paint you bring to life… every book you birth… every photograph you take… every message you send… every email you answer back… every vulnerable moment you share…

Every bit of you…

They truly make a difference and you f*cking matter!

THANK YOU! I HONOUR you so much!

Stay BRAVE! Please don’t GIVE UP!

There’s always someone looking for the lighthouse… there’s always someone feeling lost and feeling like quitting… There’s always someone needing that beam of light… I am one of those and I am right behind you. I surely need you!

Thank you for continuing to let yourself shine. Thank you for letting your light shine so bright that it becomes unbearable for me to stay in the shadow.

Because of your light, a buried and numb desire awakened within me. Because of you, a deep longing, a burning fire, a yearning to discover the Truth of my own Self came to life. Your light pierces into the deepest depths of my being. Your light shakes my soul and my whole world is forever changed because of it.

Down on my knees and with tears streaming down my face, I pray for you walking ahead and I thank you for every time you fall and you get back up!

Overflowing with GRATITUDE, I Honour you and I Love you!

I’m right behind,



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