A Small Rock and a Life Lesson on SUCCESS

That day the Spring sun was shining and I felt like going into the nature. After driving for 15 minutes we ended up on the side of the river. People were already sunbathing, kids were laying in the water, dogs were swimming and chasing balls. And we were just stopping by, no bathing suit nor towel... only my deep desire to go and be near the water.

Gui (10) was having fun throwing small rocks into the river and he soon decided to raise the bar and went on a mission to take out a hand sized rock that was stuck under the earth.  After a quick look around, he grabbed a tiny nail sized rock and started digging around the bigger one. He dug for quite some time and the big rock was getting more and more exposed. I could tell he would be able to grab it and pull it out shortly. There I was, with these thoughts in my head when I hear:

- Mum, I quit!

There it was... a moment to teach him something really powerful about life and the challenges it brings us.

- After spending so much time digging and putting so much effort on that challenge, are you going to quit now? Did you know that usually when we quit something, we are only 2 millimetres away from achieving our goal? Let's try something! You go back and just keep digging for 2 more minutes and let's see what happens.

Shortly after he triumphantly raised the rock and threw into the river.

You see, in life it's never the lack of resources that stops you from successfully achieving your goals and making your dreams come true. RESOURCEFULNESS IS THE KEY!

Knowing his outcome…

Being creative to use that nail sized rock as a digging tool…

Being persistent…

Staying consistent and being resilient enough to not give up on his desired outcome…

All of it, allowed him to achieve his goal.

Do you know what happened next? I mean, after we happily celebrated his success, rewarding his tenacity? He dared to dream bigger! He then went for a really big rock, found himself a thick sharpened stick as a tool and went on a new mission, and this time he didn't even consider giving up.

In life, small successes take us closer to bigger dreams. When you feel like quitting, usually you are only 2 mm away from succeeding at whatever outcome you are going after.

Get really clear on your outcome, become a really resourceful person and keep on following those dreams of yours!

Actual photo of his mission

Actual photo of his mission

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