Coming Out Of The Woo Woo Closet

It's been a week since I've faced the greatest fear ever and came out to the world as a spiritual channel. Today, a beautiful sunny Sunday, I'm all by myself sitting by the river, feeling the sun on my skin and my bare feet on the grass.

The thoughts in my head are just like the thousands of frogs singing in the river - I get to decide if they will be music or noise. The mind wants me to believe there is definitely something wrong with me. How could I possibly feel at home within myself here alone when it seems everyone walking by has more exciting things to do? But today I'm not believing any of those thoughts. There's a beauty, a peacefulness and an ease about this place I'm writing from.

Having gone through all that fear last week as I wanted to share with the world what's been happening for the last 10 years as far as the channeling is concerned, having walked that fire and coming through to the other side in one piece and alive (yes, it did feel like I was going to die!), has me feeling a different woman today.

Today I'm feeling an Empowered Woman! I'm feeling a total badass and mainly — I am feeling FREE! Secrecy keeps us prisoners in the darkness!

My guide has been inviting me to TRUST over and over again and having such a logical mind I've fought all these years to really own these gifts. I have tried so many things. I've pushed it away, I've stuffed it down, I've made myself wrong over and over again. There was a moment I've even asked that, if it really did have to happen, then to please make me an unconscious channel. I couldn't think of anything more weird, more out of the box then me, a logical person, be made into a conscious channel that is always present, sees and hears everything and have the mind want to interpret everything, when nothing of it makes any sense to the mind.

On a journey to RECLAIMING MY VOICE and speaking my TRUTH, never in a million years would I even dare to think that I would have to listen to myself speaking a language my mind doesn't understand. A language I don't even know what it is or even if it's spoken anywhere else in the world. I got tired of doing research on it!

There is nowhere for me to hide. This has to happen and the more I resisted it, the more obstacles I began facing in my life and the more intense the spiritual pain got. My soul craves to be fully heard and seen and I didn't understand this was part of it.

Back to last week… what was that fear? What was that fear all about?
It was a fear that did not come from my mind. I couldn’t consicously pinpoint a reason to be afraid. It was in my body, in my cells, in my bones. It was everywhere within my being. My whole body ached as I was facing the fear and was getting ready to speak up. A memory stored in my DNA, a past life and a promise made under torture, kept on for many many lives. A promise that I would never teach high spiritual wisdom again. Guess what I'm being called to teach?!

I started my life by teaching English but I've always felt I was meant to teach something else. I just didn't know what it was. As years went by, I would find myself looking for ways to make the subject I had to teach from the English curriculum fit into a more social perspective, craving to bring awareness into certain subjects and looking to stir those students'  souls. When I look back, I was always a teacher that would ask thought-provoking questions. I was a teacher who would not follow the usual structure and usual way of doing things. I was a rebel teacher!

What has to happen will happen, no matter how long it takes! After 24 years teaching grammar, vocabulary, fashion, recipes, among others, back in 2014 life pushed me to the corner to call for my attention. And it certainly did!

Here I am today, 5 years later, a very different woman, willing to open myself to the scary yet also fascinating experience of living a fully AUTHENTIC life and express myself as I am, letting the world see me in my wholeness expressing my truth. I want to be able to express myself FREELY and owning my gifts is part of that FREEDOM

Here I am today, owning and sharing with the world that my truth, now, is that I've been channelling a very beautiful guide for over 10 years and that I not only listen and write what SHE has to say, but also that SHE also expresses herself through me speaking in a language which my mind doesn't understand but my heart does.


What about you? Is there anything in your life you KNOW you’re being called to do and yet fear cripples you and holds you back? If it is so, then you and I should have a conversation.

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