How To Make A Change In Your Life

Have you been struggling with repetitive negative or destructive patterns? 
Is there something in your life you wish to change but you seem to never succeed?

In his book Awaken the Giant Within, Tony Robbins suggests that you ask yourself some specific questions to help you make that change. Those were actually the questions I asked myself, leading me to some powerful breakthroughs uncovering the root cause of my weight battle. (I wrote about it here)  
So, if you are ready to play, to sit down and put pen to paper… but only if you are really willing to do that… 
You know, you can read a book to learn how to swim but you won’t ever swim unless you get yourself inside water. 

Ok, you get it, right? So, here it goes. 

Answer these questions in this specific order: 

1)    What are two things that you need to do and you have been procrastinating on them?

2)    Why haven’t you acted upon them? What pain have you associated to this action in the past?

3)    What pleasure have you felt in the past by giving yourself into this negative pattern?

4)    What will be the price to pay if you don’t change now? What will it cost you over the next 2, 3, 5 years? What will it cost you emotionally? What about self-image? And about physical energy? Self-love? Financially? Romantic relationships? 

5)    How does that make you feel?

6)    What pleasure will you get if you act immediately?

I would love to read about what showed up for you. Would you like to share some insights you may have had? I would love to read them. Comment below and I'll get back to you.