What if messing up is succeeding?

If you are any little bit like me, my guess is that you find yourself over and over again coming back to a place you thought you had already mastered and you wouldn’t be messing up that one again. It can be a relationship, body issues, eating habits… actually it can be anything. And then you beat yourself up and get caught in the net of the unproductive why can’t I-will-take-you-nowhere mantra.

Does this ever happen to you? I know it does happen to me.

In life, many many times we don't get things right either on the 1st round, or the 2nd or even the 3rd or ... (ok, enough! You know what I mean, right?!). We mess up and we mess up like pros! Or maybe not!!!!

What if we aren’t really messing up? What if we are indeed succeeding?

Life is like flying an airplane. Did you know that a plane is off course over 90% of the time? Due to weather conditions, turbulence, and other factors it gets off track and it is the pilot who makes course corrections and keeps coming back to the flight plan, bringing the plane back on course. The same happens with our lives.

If we see every instant of life as an opportunity to grow instead of beating ourselves up thinking we failed; if we see every challenge life throws at us as a chance to upgrade ourselves instead of dumping a whole bunch of shitty judgements all over ourselves; if we can take a setback as a moment to make course corrections when we find ourselves off track, then we may discover that life is not about Balance but instead it is about BALANCING.


Life is dynamic, not static. Life is change, not permanence. Life is a VERB, not a noun.  


This version of me wouldn't be possible without the former version of me. And neither of them is better or worse than the other... they build on each other as we step into the greater version of ourselves, as we remove the excess of the marble until the final master piece we already are is revealed to us.


We are not a masterpiece in the making. We are a masterpiece in the unfolding!


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