Life After Destroying A Limiting Belief

I'm having a BOLDNESS HANGOVER today!


Have you ever done something totally out of anything you would ever imagine you could do and then afterwards you go and think "I can't believe what I just did?". Well, that's me today!

For you to understand why this was so much out of what I thought was possible for me to do, last April I went to London to one of Tony Robbins' events called Unleash the Power Within (UPW) and there we worked around 2 or 3 limiting beliefs.

Well, one of those limiting beliefs was -"Nothing of what I say has any value". I need to let you know that I needed to check the handbook of the event because the DICKENS PROCESS EXERCISE (I'll tell you this story some other time!), just destroyed it completely and I couldn't access it in my brain.

Well, guess what? Life does change when you destroy your limiting beliefs! Yesterday evening I was on a webinar being interviewed by a fellow FIREWALKER Ben Colley, with the purpose to inspire other women.

Yesterday I SPOKE UP and there were people who wanted to listen to me and my story. I am now free ! And I also realise now that our story is not ours to keep, otherwise it won't serve anyone in this world. 

This was quite a raw, open and authentic interview !

Just know and be certain that once a limiting belief is destroyed, your LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN ! Tony Robbins, Amen ! <


You can watch the interview here