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Today I bring you my Banana Oatmeal Panckakes, which are not only healthy but also damn delicious. But actually, this isn’t a food post nor even a culinary blog.

So, you might be wondering why the heck I’m bringing these panckakes in here and sharing a recipe video with you. Or maybe not! Anyway... bear with me. There's a point to this!

Almost 3 years ago, when I started out Coaching and launching myself online as an international Life Coach, my phone had no internet (it was a Nokia Xpress Music - remember those?!) and later I bought my 1st (and only) android.

So, there I was, getting a hand on this whole new technology stuff and this website and blog were not even a project. At the time I had a male client who wanted to learn how to make these pancakes I do and I decided to give it a go, even though I didn't know how to put the video together. Knowing myself, I knew I would find a way! And I did find a way to put the different videos together.

OMG! Today, watching that video... oh man, it looks so... BASIC (for lack of a better word) 😂🤣
Free advertising, I guess … ;)

Here’s why I decided to share this video with you here (OMG, I’m actually doing this!). I have 3 reasons for doing it:

1) The Panckakes

They are healthy, so delicious and there's been lots of people asking me for the recipe. I always make them intuitively, so the VIDEO surely helps ;) (I hope!)

2) Courage

I want to DARE myself to be VULNERABLE and keep showing up AUTHENTIC!

Do I know better today? Sure! I not only know better but I also have different tools which allow me to make nicer videos. I have to admit that I was tempted to make one to post here ;)

And I also want you to know that there's a part of me that's TOTALLY NOT HAPPY about me sharing this AT ALL! 😂🤣 And that’s the reason I’m doing it anyway!

3) The Life Lesson

We all have to start somewhere and build it from there and many times, if not most of the times, BEGINNINGS don’t look neat or pretty or polished but it was that very first step which actually took you to where you are today.


Every Little Step Matters!


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Surrender Into Trust

I want to share with you how SURRENDER into TRUST has been playing in my life.
Only now am I able to be aware of how a decision I made 2 years ago shaped my life and that’s the reason I am ready to share it with you now.


Being someone who feels deeply called to serve and who has contribution as one of my top needs, I made the decision to embrace a very specific role a while ago. I am talking about my role as God’s Puppet. That’s right… God’s Puppet! After all, this life is God’s show, right? And by God, I mean Source, Consciousness, Universe, Spirit… (feel free to choose a word that works for you).  

Let me start by telling you that when I deeply felt the calling into that role for the first time, the ego in me hated it. Totally hated it! I mean, it really hated it! “What do you mean god’s puppet?”, “Who wants to be a puppet?”, “That’s such a loser role to have in life!”, “You’ll never be free as you so much desire” …

When I decided I would embrace the role of being God’s Puppet about 2 years ago and that I would really love to play with that idea, I knew nothing about what that meant. Honestly, I didn’t! I only knew it felt right! It felt so right! And so damn scary at the same time.


I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. What happens is that I had just come back from Date with Destiny with Tony Robbins and Faith was the value at the top of my list and I was willing to go for it.  A lot was happening in my life and many changes were taking place. And even if it was for this one time, I was willing to pay the price to honour a deeper truth in me.


Would I dare to trust my own intuition?
Yes, I would! And … Yes, I did!


At the time I wasn’t aware that I would have to get out of the way many times, if not most of the times. And by “I” I mean the ego part of me that was so damn unpleased with my decision. But again… what else was there to expect considering the ego’s resistance, right?


The ego wanted me to believe that role was the opposite of what I really wanted, telling me a bunch of stories of how that was a weak place to be and how that was for losers. Well, it may seem so in the beginning and I see how me surrendering into that idea actually meant the weakening of the ego.

Embodying the role of God’s Puppet isn’t a piece of cake. Not at all!!! I see how challenging it is and how it’s quite the opposite of what the ego was trying to convey to me.

So, what is this role about? What does it mean to be God’s Puppet?

Being God’s Puppet to me means showing up fully open to whatever this Higher Intelligence is trying to run through me, is trying to make happen through me. And for this to happen, more and more I need to step into the most authentic version of myself, getting rid of old stories, old beliefs and misunderstandings.

Being God’s Puppet means accepting, not resisting, relaxing, allowing. It means being ok with not knowing, being present in the now, being willing to make mistakes. It means being ok with resisting and fall off track at being God’s Puppet once you make the decision to accept that as your mission. It means being compassionate with yourself and others. It means daring to have childlike faith and curiosity again, allowing myself to be surprised.

It means practising accepting and being familiar with change.

Actually, being God’s puppet means that I am surrendering into the not knowing, that I am strengthening the belief that everything is already perfect. It means to be willing to let the stories and ideas about myself disappear.

It means I am willing to let the illusion of who I think I am die!

I become aware of the ego’s panic attacks as I surrender more and more into being fully guided, and allow myself to be in awe at the perfection and wonders of this mysterious and abundant universe we live in.

Can you imagine what a show it would be if I decided I wanted to walk and God had planning some dancing for me? That would be a very funny disastrous show to watch, don’t you think so?

And the issue is not so much about the disastrous show that we could all laugh about. After all, laughing is such a great medicine! It’s more about how much effort I would really be putting at walking, having God moving me to dance. That would be like swimming up the stream, instead of allowing the stream to take me.

Well, I believe that’s what happens with us many times when we resist whatever is that life is bringing our way. That’s what happens every time we insist on creating goals that really don’t serve us or don’t align with our truth and really limit us to walking instead of dancing.

So, where are you resisting life?

Me at Date with Destiny (Florida, US) as I was moving towards this decision.

Me at Date with Destiny (Florida, US) as I was moving towards this decision.

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Letter To The Ego

Dear ego,

I know that there's more to me than the I/eye can see.

I am done fighting you. I am done arguing with you. I am tired of all those stories that you keep playing in my head over and over like a f*cking old broken cassette. I am tired of all the lies you whisper in secret and you always want me to believe in.

I am tired and I will fight you no more! And if I ever do, I won't bother much about it either. Fighting you or bothering about it would be a waste of time and that would just keep me busy and distracted while imprisoned inside your trap.

You're so damn good at this sh*t!!! I give you credit for that. Ego, you're a badass at being you.

So, watch me LOVE the crap out of you while I dare to go BEYOND you, BEYOND myself, BEYOND words, BEYOND emotions, BEYOND and BEYOND, dissolving myself into the formless & ONENESS of consciousness.

And just so you know, I don't even need to know what that actually means and what that actually looks like. RELAX! I mean it. I don't! I don't need to know! YOU need to know. I don't! I really don't!

I know I am not only functional but also limited with your existence and deceiving myself to wanting to explain or understand what dissolving into consciousness would actually mean… that would just be foolish of me and falling into one more of your traps.

I am now allowing myself to fully and deeply SURRENDER to the experience of BEING and that... that cannot be explained! That... that cannot be understood! That... that can only be EXPERIENCED!


I AM READY! I am coming home!

Tadyata Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Soha.

Bodhi Soha

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If you are a WOMAN and you would like to be part of an outstanding TRIBE of women from all over the world, ask to join Evolved Women Tribe . There you’ll also find a place for massive growth and evolvement, as well as honoring the Divine Feminine.